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August 25, 2010 / Rehman Azhar

Obituary – Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan- You will be missed

I was watching news and there appeared randomly a ticker line that a cameraman of a private TV channel has passed away in an accident near Mall Road, Lahore. The news line said his name was Faisal Khan. Faisal Khan who? ‘I guess I don’t know anyone with that name’, I said to myself. That was my first reaction. After that I did not bother myself much finding out who was Faisal Khan and what happened to him. Next morning I saw couple of status updates on facebook from my colleagues and the name Faisal Khan was there too. A feeling of presentiment started to grow that he was someone I knew. Worst thing about such apprehensions is that they just don’t turn out to be an apprehension. That’s exactly what happened. It was the Faisal Khan but we knew him by the name of Chaand.

Who was Faisal Khan and how I knew him?

Faisal Khan was working as a cameraman with Geo Television Lahore. He joined Geo Television Network as a cameraman with its project Geo English to which I was a part too. I was covering sports at that time and that is when I met Faisal Khan aka Chaand for the first time. I had heard few things about him even before I interacted with him. He was a laughing stock for most of the people in the field. Most of his colleagues were not really friends with him. I have always been skeptical of people and this attitude has also prevailed ever since I started working for media. People are always bull shitting around and you don’t want to believe them no matter what they say. Despite everything that I heard about him, I took him out on few assignments with me. He was a lively person and full of energy. I told him what people said about him. He would disregard all that cheerfully saying it was all crap. He always considered sports assignments free of hassle and that’s why always wanted to go with me. And I liked him too. We became a team. He was deputed for sports and was always with me. I hated doing few things and he knew about all that. He would do such chores for me. There were times when I wanted to sneak out from the coverage and he would always cover for me. He told me how to adjust funds that I used to get for the coverage. I was new to media – too bad with handling things and people around me and he was teaching me tricks of trade. He used to be annoying sometimes with his silly jokes that I use to hear again and again. He won’t remember how many times he had told me the same joke. He would always ask me about the girls in my life or if I am interested in someone in channel or field and I never told him anything. Failing to get something out of me, he would start with his own stories about his affairs. It was his problem. He always had stories- about channel, about reporters, about other cameramen, about his daughters, about his murdered brother, about girls and about his own family. He would not let a moment pass without conversation. I used to get irritated at times but then he was a source of information for me. I never wanted to lose him, as any good reporter would do.

What happened to him?

On the night of 23rd of August, he had an accident on his way back home from office. His bike collided with a donkey cart with iron rods in it. He probably died on spot. But he was taken to services hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. The instant I heard about his death, the only flashback I had was the way he would show me the pictures of his daughters. He had two very cute daughters. He won’t miss their calls and talk to them even during press conferences- something that really pissed me off. Everyday he used to show me their pictures taken on his cell phone and set as wallpaper. I wondered how the news must have gone down with them.

Why should we care?

I had not talked to him in ages. Last time I heard from him was a call six months back. I missed his call but then called back. He started off with his typical rant that ever since I have started coming on screen as an anchor, I have forgotten about him. And I came up with the usual excuse that it is just that I am too busy with things around. I realize one thing now. That’s our problem. We are always too busy with things around. We care less for the things that are not around us. Faisal Khan became such a thing in my life. Probably he told me one more thing. Start caring for those things too that were around once.


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  1. Fasiha Khan / Aug 26 2010 7:04 pm

    Thats all very touching… and i’m totally agree with you on that note, that we usually don’t care about people around us. who, suddenly becomes important for us. and the time we understand their importance in our lives is mostly after when we lost them. we are that much busy with our lives that we don’t have time for others, who are somehow also the stakeholders of our lives.
    we really need to understand that that our lives are not just about us.
    that was all very devastating and it was a loss of a good person.
    May Allah rest his soul in peace and help his family!!

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